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Each item is unique. H: 23cm, W: 12.1cm, CAP: 900ml.

Packaging (Only in US):

New York City Artists Series.

Felicity. This piece is one of very few watercolours within the artist’s oeuvre. In contrast to the meditative intention of the majority of the artist’s works, Felicity is supposed to be more playful and energetic. The assorted colours and shapes while not unintentional are also not to be over contemplated. Caro, the artist, is a Canadian abstract artist living and working in New York City.

Dishwashing is typically the safest way to clean these glasses. If you would like to hand-wash them, care should be taken. Most cases of breakage occur during hand-washing. Soak the glass in some warm soapy water for 30min and residue should come off easily. You can softly rub the rim with a cloth if there is residue there. It is important to hold the glass by the bowl, and not the stem or the base.

about glasvin


Glasvin is an ultra-light, ultra-thin, hand-blown glass designed to bring you closer to your wine and the people you share it with.

Our wine glasses are designed to bring out the widest range of aromas and are suitable for all wines. They are dishwasher safe so you'll be able to use them again and again.

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