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Cover: Microfiber on one side, Viscose from Bamboo on the other.

Filling: polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. Each comforter uses 50 bottles. Which means 50 less bottles in our oceans.



Machine washable.

Wash in a high capacity washing machine (Top load 3.5 cu. ft. Front load 4.8 or 5 cu. ft.) Load the comforter evenly in the basket. Select a washing option with low or no spin cycle. Once the cycle is finished, without opening the door, select the "Spin only" cycle in low. This step can be done twice. Tumble dry low.

about sunday citizen

Sunday Citizen

It all started when an entrepreneur approached us to develop a blanket for his luxury hotelsIt was no easy task; he wanted it to be soft as cashmere, but able to withstand a hotel's use and abuse. But, we were up to the challenge and created the first line of blankets for exclusive use in his hotels. After testing them for two years, they performed even better than we expected. It seemed like almost every guest wanted to buy them, and a few blankets even went "missing." And, most telling to us, was that our kids couldn’t sleep without them. That's when we realized we had to share this with the world. So, we partnered with Michael, the hotelier, to form a family company with a simple mission: create joy through comfort one soft piece at a time. Here’s to softness and happiness.

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